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the New Neckmike headset

The totally overhauled new Neckmike headset series has a sleek and soft design to make it fit both at a noisy workplace or while out riding the bike, in the convertible car, in a noisy sub-way etc etc.
The design includes a totally overmold of the neckband and microphone parts, actually the worlds first made this way.

It is totally watertproof, even the Ear-spekers as long as they are put into your ears, and while talking about the Neckmikes minimal Ear-speakers, they are in the new series made with HiFi speaker elements from a very good Danish company.

The microphone picks the users voice up from the neck, leaving environments sounds out, the person on the other side of the line wont notice the noise around you.

Our headsets have been used by the Military and First-responders since 2007, and with this new nice design with HiFi-speakers we aiming for the civilian market aswell.

Neckmike can be connected to anykind of communication device, a number of versions with different cable sets will be released in the near future.

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